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Matt Field's FormulaDrift Nissan S14

MF Image
BT Sponsored

Owner/Driver: Matt Field
Make: Nissan
Model: 240SX S14

Racing Class: Formula Drift
Acknowledgements: 2011 4 Top 32 finishes and 2 Top 16 Finishes; 2010 Rookie 2 top 32 finishes and 1 top 16 finish
Engine: Chevrolet LS1 V8 BlackTrax Tuned
Engine Management: AEM EMS



Tunerplayground/Prima Racing's Honda S2000

BT Sponsored

Owner/Driver: Tom Tang/Andrie Hartanto Tunerplayground/Prima-Racing
Make: Honda
Model: S2000

Racing Class: MotoIQ Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, NCRC Chrono Series
Acknowledgements: TBA
Engine: F22C Tuned by BlackTrax
Engine Management: Hondata Kpro




Graham Downey's '99 Honda Civic

BT Sponsored

Owner/Driver: Graham Downey From Redstone Motorsport
Make: Honda
Model: Civic

Racing Class: NASA Honda Challenge H1
Acknowledgements: 2010/2009/2008 1st Place National Champion; 2008 1st Place NorCal Season Points
Engine: K24 BlackTrax Tuned
Engine Management: Hondata Kpro




Liam Downey's '92 Honda Civic

BT Sponsored

Owner/Driver: Liam Downey From Redstone Motorsport
Make: Honda
Model: Civic Hatchback

Racing Class: NASA Honda Challenge H2
Acknowledgements:2008 1st Place NorCal Season Points
Engine: B16A BlackTrax Tuned
Engine Management: Hondata S300




Natalie Bressem's 1998 Honda Prelude

Natalie's Prelude
BT Sponsored

Owner/Driver: Natalie Bressem
Year: 1998
Make: Honda
Model: Prelude

Racing Class: Outlaw
Current Best 1/4 Mile ET: 13.04sec
Engine: H23/VTEC BlackTrax Built & Tuned




Aki Maseba's '90 Nissan 300ZX

Aki's 300ZX
BT Sponsored

Owner: Akira Maseba
Driver: Akira Maseba/Graham Downey
Year: 1990
Make: Nissan
Model: 300ZX TT Chassis

Racing: Sport Compact Car Magazine's Ultimate Street Car Challenge 2007

USCC Results: Dyno 500hp 536tq 6th Place, Lateral G's 1.03g 2nd Place, 1/4 Mile ET 11.95sec 4th Place, Streets of Willow Lap Time 1:26.80 6th Place, Gross Display of HP 1st Place

Engine: LS1 BlackTrax Built & Tuned
Roll Cage: 6 Point Mild Steel by BlackTrax


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Aki 1

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