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BlackTrax can fabricate anything from custom V-mount bracketing for a radiator to complete chassis reconstruction and strengthening. Trying to fit a larger displacement motor in a smaller car and you can't find an engine mount kit anywhere? We can fabricate custom engine mounts and other parts that have never been done in the past. Send us an RFQ. We're happy to help.

Available Custom Fabrication Services Include:

  • MIG & TIG Equipped
  • Engine Mount Relocation/Fabrication
  • Tubular/Sheet metal Intake Manifolds
  • Tubular Exhaust Headers for FI or NA
  • Chassis Spot Welding/Sub frame Strengthening
  • Roll Cage Fabrication/Hydraulic Tube Bender
  • Traction Bar Setups
  • Turbo Intercooler Piping & Downpipes
  • Custom Brackets & Fixtures/Mounting Solutions


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