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BlackTrax Performance performs dynotuning ON SITE with our Dynapack 3000 dyno. Giving you the most accurate measurements from the hub, not from the tire. Dynapack is also recommended by reputable tuners such as Hondata.

BlackTrax Dyno

Dynapack dynomometers allows us to provide you with part-throttle, user specified steady state load tuning, a feature that most dynos do not have. Stop messing with chips or maps that don't match or belong to your setup. BlackTrax offers full turnkey finished projects. Have your motor built, installed and tuned all in one location! Have questions about dynotuning? Click here for our DYNO FAQ PAGE.

We Offer E85 Tuning!

Standard Dyno Pricing:

Base Line (3 pulls) $100.00 with AFR
Dyno Rental N/A
Dyno + Tuning $200.00 / hr
By appointment only

Supported Systems: (not limited to)

  • Hondata
  • AEM Infinity
  • Apex-i Power FC
  • Haltech
  • Accel DFI
  • Holley EFI
  • F.A.S.T
  • Neptune
  • Adaptronic
  • HP Tuners
  • EFI Live

Please contact us by email to make an appointment. Special travel appointments welcome. 



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