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  BlackTrax Performance provides corner balancing/weighing ON SITE with Longacre Computer Scales.


Features Include:

  • 8 Memory Presets
  • 15" Low Profile Pads
  • 1/10% Accuracy
  • 1500 LBS Per Pad Capacity

If you own a set of coilovers, you must corner balance your car to achieve the optium balance for cornering or for best weight distribution. Get your corner balancing done before your next track day!

Standard Corner Balance Pricing: $110/hour


REQUIREMENTS: By Appointment Only. You must have coilovers to take advantage of balancing your vehicle. Please bring your spanner wrenches and wheel locks when you come for your appointment. When you come to weigh your vehicle, bring it as if it was ready for the track (ie. level of gas, spare tire removal, junk left in the car, wheels and tires etc.)

Special appointments can be made to use the scales for custom chassis building and engine placements.


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