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  Over 12 years of automotive service excellence, BlackTrax continues to deliver the latest in custom and high performance solutions for import and domestic vehicles.

Founded by Akira Maseba, Jei Chang and Natalie Bressem-Chang in 2002, BlackTrax is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience and superior service. BT customizes a broad spectrum of vehicles and handle projects of all sizes from general maintenance to custom race car fabrication.

Please visit our Projects page or Blog to sample a taste of what BT can provide for you. We don't consider ourselves as salesmen, but rather consultants and specialists in today's highly demanded performance tuning industry. BlackTrax is conveniently located within the Silicon Valley near the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA. Please Contact Us.

BlackTrax performs the following services on location:

We take pride in offering the up most quality in products, services and value add. Most importantly we provide an honest business relationship to our customers. We thank you for your business and for the wonderful reviews!


"The steering seems much more precise as is the shifter. Vibration from the pitch stop device is minimal.

Very happy as usual with the work. We will put some more money together and figure the next project. I very much appreciate the great work that gets done at BlackTrax."


-Matthew, Bakersfield, CA


"I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism of Blacktrax...the machine work that was done for me was perfect, and the tuning that you provided was done efficiently and with great results.  This has been a very pleasant experience, and I will be back for further tuning and machine work. 

I usually have a hard time trusting other technicians to assist me due to their lack of passion for the industry even if they are proficient and capable.  I feel like the people who work at Blacktrax are more than capable, and share the same passion for motorsports as I do. 

I try to be humble and remember that there will always be someone who is faster and knows more than I do.  The problem for me has always been finding those faster individuals so that I can further my knowledge.  I think I have now found a place that has the knowledge I desire.

Thank you for being good at what you do, see ya in the near future,"

-Shaun, Northern California 


"..thank you for those who recommended BlackTrax in Eric's thread. i took two s2k's to them for pre-purchase inspections and they were great! everyone was super nice and knowledgeable. BlackTrax quoted me 1/3 of the price of another shop i had called. they gave me a lot of good information to work with and showed me what i could look for myself. Jei introduced himself as i was on my way out and was really helpful with any questions i had for him. highly recommended! and no..i didn't walk away with any custom fabricated parts yet"

-Marina, Northern California


"Thanks for opening up a spot to tune my Supra on short notice. It's been a little over a week and I love the new setup. Thank you and the rest of the staff for your efforts.

I'm usually not punctual or prepared when I come in so I am very grateful that you handle my appointments in a professional, efficient manner. Your professionalism (with the car) along with your down to earth attitude (with the customer) is what makes me a loyal customer. I wish you and Blacktrax much success in the coming year and I hope to get in touch with you guys again in my quest for more power.

-Henry, Northern California

For more information, please contact us at (408) 946-2900


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