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  Aki's Nissan 300ZX with Trans-Am LS1 6-Speed Swap
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Aki just recently finished his LS1 project in his 300ZX. The firewall was cut and the engine set back for best weight distribution. He carefully fabricated around his accessories in order to keep his window wipers, dash and console components.

Engine: Stock LS1 from a WS6 Tran-Am

Transmission/Driveline: Stock 6-speed, BlackTrax Custom Shift Knob, BT Stage 3 LS1 Clutch and Chromoly Flywheel Combo, Custom Driveshaft, Twin Turbo Differential

Induction: Custom Fab 4" Aluminum Cold Air Intake

Cooling: 4 Row Aluminum Radiator with Custom End Tanks and Piping, Derale 14" Slimline Fan

Ignition: Stock LS1 Ignition System with MSD Wires

Exhaust: Custom Long Tube Headers, 3in Stainless Steel Exhaust with Magnaflow Muffler

Management/Electronics: Reflashed PCM, Painless Wiring Kit custom tailored to work the 300ZX chassis. Wired up stock tach and speedo guages to work in conjunction with the motor/trans/PCM

Chassis/Suspension: Protoype Coilover Suspension, Strut Tower Bars and misc. braces.

Future Upgrades: Supercharger

Aki's Gross Display of Horsepower Video



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