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BlackTrax has taken their H-series intake manifold solution to another level and directly to you. Constructed from a high heat resistant polymer, the Patent Pending BlackTrax IMS acts as a thermal insulator, IAB delete and plenum spacer. These spacers and the ports within, are fully CNC machined and blueprinted to match OEM plenum gaskets for optimal flow. You have the choice to: 1) replace your stock spacer 2) stack one BT IMS over your OEM spacer or 3) double stack with two BT IMS. Install time is about 30-45 minutes for the moderately experienced. Works with naturally aspirated and forced induction applications.

  • Precision CNC Machined by HAAS 5 Axis CNC Mill
  • Lower Intake Temperatures (Works Great with Hondata Heatshield Gasket)
  • Gasket Matched
  • IAB Removal for Smoother Vtec Crossover on H22 Engines
  • Increased Mid and Top End HP and TQ Curves
  • Stackable Intake Plenum to Add Length to Intake Runners or to Add Plenum Volume
  • Low Cost $10 per HP Investment on N/A Engines

BlackTrax IAB Installation Guide (PDF)


DISCONTINUED as of Jan 2011. Custom runs available at 25pcs per order.

Description Price
OEM Spacer Applications  
OEM H22, H23 & F22A $75.00
BT Modified Spacer Applications  
BlackTrax Modified H22, H23 & F22A Manifolds ONLY DISCONTINUED
Double Stack Bolt Kit $15.00


To order, please visit our store and buy online or call us at (408) 946-2900

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