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BlackTrax carries a full line of performance clutch sets to fulfill expectations of the average daily driver to full competition drag race, autocross or drift enthusiasts. Our clutches have been road tested in major racing events such as Time Attack, Formula Drift, NASA, SCCA and NHRA where performance is demanded.

We see increasing requests for heavy hitting clutches from owners of high horsepower daily driven street cars. We've reformulated our street clutches to give you a positive engagement during shifting while retaining the easy clutch pedal feel unlike the other clutch manufacturers. This new design can double the life expectancy of your stock or aftermarket flywheels.

Featured Clutch Sets

Sprung or unsprung hubs and single or dual diaphragm pressure plates are available. Friction materials include a variety of organic, Kevlar, feramic & copper formulas. All clutches are custom built your needs. Popular custom applications are 1-2 day turnaround.

Please Contact Us listing your setup and one of our specialists can help you design the most suitable clutch for your needs.

STAGE 1 ORGANIC - good clutch for the daily driver who looks for stock driveability and demands a longer life expectancy than OEM.

STAGE 2 KEVLAR - recommended for all motor with bolt on performance parts such as intake, header, exhaust, and gear ratio modifications.

STAGE 3 COPPER - highly recommended for turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous engines. This clutch is our most commonly sold clutch due to its positive engagement with little to no clutch chattering. Stock pedal feel is still retained on this design.

STAGE 4 COPPER - recommended for weekend racers where hard clutch grabbing engagement is demanded. Harsh engagement will hinder street driveability but is manageable. A perfect clutch for driving enthusiasts who like direct ON/OFF engagement.

STAGE 5-6 COPPER - full drag or drift race. Recommended for competition use only. Not street friendly.

Custom designs are made to order with careful review of your modifications. Custom designs are also available for cars with engine swaps using alternative transmissions.



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